Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Age Discrimination. Why Gerard Butler should NOT grow up just because some of you want him to

I am really sick and tired of people complaining about how others should grow up, get married and settle down. If you're single and living the high life, why the hell should you?

Over on Just Jared, on any Gerard Butler post, there are so many who constantly complain about how he’s groping and kissing too many women and should grow up, act his age, get married, and settle down.

Why the bloody hell should he?

He’s single because he wants to be and has not yet found the right woman to settle down with just as many women have not yet found a man to settle down with, myself included. So that means he can kiss and grope as many women as he wants to. And he can kiss and grope me any damn time! We have no idea how well he knows these women or for how long, none of that is our business. For all we know he’s known them for years and clearly, they have no issue whatsoever in kissing him back or allowing him to grope them.

They too are adults.

Gerard is 44, 45 in November. He is free to see who he wants and go where he wants as there is no partner or wife to be cheated on and no kids to be left behind.

Why is a 44 year old man, or woman for that matter, not allowed to kiss and date who they want…in public?  

Why do PDAs offend people so much? Admittedly, I’m kinda grossed out by tongues and lips going everywhere, but a kiss or long hug is not offensive. Two adults having a kiss and hug is not illegal, horrible or rude and disrespectful. The paps follow celebs around and seem to like capturing him with women. Well obviously, he’s a single hot hunk of Hollywood man meat and he’s going to be seen with women. Duh! He is also seen just as much with his male friends.

Why is it, that there is still a “certain age” by which we must all be married, grown up and settled down?

That shit doesn’t happen anymore. This is 2014 and times have changed. We no longer live in a world where women must be married before they’re allowed to move out of home. We no longer live in an age where one must be married to have a life or children with someone. Unless you live in Middle Eastern countries and then your life is completely controlled and dictated to, but we do not.

When a person is single and free they are just that, single and free, to do what they want with who they want. And what gives any little hypocritical numbskull the right to say otherwise?

He does not live his life for his fans. He loves them and appreciates them but will do what he wants in his private life, and he tries to keep it private. The women he sees are willing participants whether the paparazzi are there or not.

He, just like the women he sees, is an adult and can do what he likes. Why does a 44 year old man need to grow up and settle down just because someone says he should? He works hard for his money, has had many relationships and flings which he has learned and grown from. Also, he doesn’t need his mother telling him what he needs to do as so many trolls have been saying. “His mother needs to give him a talking to”, they all cry in their posts. “He’s an embarrassment to his family and Scotland”, they whine.

Jesus, seriously? Grow the fuck up yourselves! His mother raised him and he respects that, but he is a 44 year old man. He is single, works hard, parties with friends, brings his family to LA all the time and goes home as much as possible. He doesn’t need a talking to by anyone.

Him kissing or groping a willing partner is no one’s business and he does not need to grow up and settle down if he doesn’t want to. If you said that to a woman you would be verbally abused, so why is it okay to tell a man to grow up?

George Clooney copped all sorts of shit because people didn’t realise he had ALREADY been married. It didn’t work out and turned him off the idea. It was also a matter of him finding the right woman. He now apparently has and he’s in his 50s. Big friggen’ deal! Age has nothing to do with it!

Gerard doesn’t act like a teenager, he acts like a man who’s young at heart and living life to the fullest because he has seen hard times and dark nights. Leave him and everyone else the fuck alone to live life the way they want and keep your small-minded idiotic, archaic, caveman shit to yourself.  This is 2014, life is to be lived. As Tina Turner said, what’s age got to do, got to do with it! She got married last year and no one crapped on her about getting married again.

So why do some still think we need to be married and settled down to be a “real” man or woman. It doesn’t happen for a lot of people and that’s no one’s fault, it’s just bloody life. I’d say it’s time for some youngsters to grow up themselves and understand that marriage isn’t the be-all and end-all of life and that people can still be 44 and have carefree relationships with the opposite sex without making a commitment. They can still hug, kiss and yes, gasp, have sex, with someone without being in a steady, committed relationship with them because that’s what life is all about. Living, loving, having fun. Older mature women who have been there and done that complain when they’re told they should or need to get married to be fulfilled as women want to live their own life and date who they want. We’re adults, we can do what we want.

So to all the immature idiots out there who thinks a 44 year old man should grow up and settle down because he seems to be having too much fun with too many women, grow the fuck up yourselves!


I'm editing this on Sep 15th because this link has been posted several times in the Just Jared threads. I HAVE NEVER commented in those threads, only read them. I AM NOT the troll I have been accused of and again, HAVE NEVER commented!!!! But the trolls probably won't believe this and that's their fried little turd shit brains. After all, why the hell would I want to get in the middle of that shit mess in those threads?!

links here - 

page 31, comment 767 

page 33, comment 806 

page 34, comment 846 and after 

page 35, comment 853 they think I've commented and are now crapping on me, hilarious since I've never posted there. Comment 857 calls my post an "article". Nope, not an article, just a post on my thoughts. They also claim I contradict myself near the end, probably the last paragraph where I tell people to stop telling Gerard to grow up and to grow up themselves. Yes, I did, let me clarify. I'm not talking about physically growing up, I'm talking about mentally growing up and telling you all to grow up means stop shitting on other people and stop dictating what others should do. Mind your own business and let others mind theirs. Grow up in that sense, be an adult yourself and get on with your own life and stop worrying about others and how they live it. Grow up and shut up, you're a bunch of hateful arseholes who think you have the right to tell an adult man how to live his life, YOU FUCKING DON'T!

And to comment 864, IF it's about me, nope, I'm not the girlfriend but I do wish, and no, I didn't put down his family. I live in Australia, not America.


  1. 3 out of 4 photos is the same woman, the one in balcony was n Brazil. I agree with you.

    1. Yep, anon, I follow some boards and pages with interest and most have said she is the same, they've nicknamed her Nobu Girl.

  2. O amor é lindo ela feia para Gerry, ele merece coisa melhor rsrsrsrsrs

    1. From what I could understand of your comment via Google Translate, you're saying love is beautiful and she is ugly, he could do better. As Lady Gaga recently said to her haters, "it's better to be fat than shallow", same goes in this instance and for this woman. He's clearly smitten and that's his business. I'm glad she's not gorgeous because it means men like him gives up average plain chicks a go and I'm still in with a chance!


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