Friday, August 1, 2014

Why Positivity Can Be A Bad Thing! coming soon to paperback

That's right, my second non-fiction e-book, Why Positivity Can Be A Bad Thing! is releasing soon in paperback through Amazon's CreateSpace.

An ARC is currently in transit to me for checking and once proofed it will be for sale, so at least another two weeks but I'll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, my first non-fiction e-book, Dream It, Write It, Publish It! won't be coming to paperback until next year as I keep updating my novels and will be updating my self-publishing guide as well. In fact, I'm considering letting it be the only one of my books to stay in e-book form due to constant updating, but many "experts" tell you to get our books into both, so it's still on the pb to do list, just not until next year.

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