Monday, August 11, 2014

Either I’ve become boring or the world has bored me.

After five years online I decided to change my attitude and stop bitching about the world and the shit going on in it and be….nicer.

I’d had quite a few immature, insecure, infantile twats called Gen Ys accuse me of being a bully, not knowing what I was talking about, and being a bitch.

So, I decided to change. Decided to write better blog posts and be…nicer.

I’ve given it a red hot go. Did movie reviews again, joked about being destined to marry Gerard Butler, talked about book stuff, and generally tried not to be a bitch.

But I’m bored. I’ve become boring. I’ve lost my zest for life and bitching about all things in it.

Or has the world bored me?

I was sick and tired of the headaches I’d have from getting angry over something and wanted to get away from stories about arseholes and bitches. About the world being nothing but shit and how I was over the human race.

But it’s made me boring and churning out three posts a week has become boring. I need to get my zest back and get my old self back into the mix, but I’d rather churn out three schedule posts a week than sit here three days a week trying to come up with stuff to write about, which was hard enough to do at the time. I'd become tired and the last few months have not had any zest whatsoever to blog, give a shit about social media, or much else.

My life has become boring. Social Media has become boring. Is anyone else bored with SM? Trying to keep across a hundred pages and make sure it’s all running smoothly. I’m so over it I cannot even be bothered trying to promote myself. I don’t have the energy or the will power, I just could not care less about Social Media.

Maybe that’s why I’ve become boring. Or maybe I’m just over life in general.

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