Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reason number 2 for why I'm destined to marry Gerard Butler

This follows on from reason number 1 here.

I recently purchased a pair of leather boots similar to a pair I'd had for ten years but were now on the scrap heap. 

I found them in a shoe store called Spendless Shoes and with irony noticed that the brand name was Olympus, matching Gerard's movie, Olympus Has Fallen. 

The name of the shoes themselves are Ranger. Gerard's character, Mike Banning, was a Ranger before becoming a Secret Service Agent.

Let me tell ya, if you've got flat feet or other problems and need to wear arch supports, or just need comfort in general, these boots not only give ankle support but cut out all impact waves as you walk. It's like walking on cushions.

He doesn't wear these kind of boots in the movie as White House Secret Service Agents clearly don't, but I would gladly wear him any time, any where, any how...all 6"2 of the sizzlingly hot hunk of beefy, hairy man meat that he is! 

God I'm such a carnivore!

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