Monday, June 30, 2014

My brand new website under my real name.

Last month I revealed 21 days of 40 Things About Me (first post starts here) because I turned 40. Today, I am revealing the next stage of the reveal, my brand new website under my real name, I will be using it on my business cards to direct people to as, with two businesses, it's easier to have this informative landing page so people can see both of my business personalities and be directed to each website as well as social media, webstores and book sites that I'm over under each name.

I've had this planned since last year and had it set up earlier, but due to hosting issues it disappeared and wasn't fixed until this month. I quickly went through and decorated it, adding pics, social media details, and book sites.

So this is me, these are my twin personalities and businesses and is another website to add to google to spread information about me out to the world.

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