Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Facebook's throwing a hissy fit over uploaded videos.

I have had no issue uploading videos to Facebook before. When I closed down three book pages and merged it all into my author page I had no trouble uploading them except for the copyright over the music used, but that was easily sorted.

That was the beginning of the year, and in March I also had no trouble uploading the book trailer for Dream It, Write It, Publish It! to my page. 


Now in May, I've had trouble uploading. The video goes up, the details go in, the thumbnail is set but once you play the video there is nothing but black.


I have Googled for the answer and scoured the FB help pages, others have had the same issue but there seems to be no resolve. 

I don't know whether I have installed something on my pc that doesn't work with FB, or whether Chrome is not playing well with them but I have looked at it in Safari, IE and Firefox and it's all the same.


Not good news for authors trying to promote their work, Facebook!

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