Monday, May 26, 2014

Why I write under a pseudonym and hot hunk of man meat Gerard Butler

Many a year ago, in 2006, I decided to write a book called The Road To Vegas. I desperately wanted it to be published and after years of schlepping it around and writing How I Won Lotto in 2008, I knew that I would need an author name, or nom de plume, for writing under, especially when I found out about blogs and decided to start one of those as well.

This blog has changed many times over the years since it's birth on January 1st, 2009. I didn't want to blog under my real name, as no one knew that I had written two novels and I wanted to keep that to myself, but I knew I needed to make the website about my books and so it would need to be about my author name as well so I chose one. 

Jewels Diva

For the first three years this blog was a place for me to bitch about everyday life and times and talk about Lol Cats and my favourite things, joke about being married to the gorgeously gorgeous Michael Weatherly and drool over Carmine Giovinazzo. Then, in the third to fourth year, I made small changes. Slowly, simply, no major changes so you still recognised it. Changing the blog title from Bitchfest, to A Bitchfest Lovefest to Lady Jewels Diva over four years or so.

I also knew that my writing was going to be a business all in itself, away from my jewellery business that I also set up in 2008.

I have no idea why or how my muse decided to mess with my head where the names of my two businesses were concerned. It's just what happened when it popped into our head. I mean my head, lol.

As it turns out I realised it last year, four years in to my business. My name is Tiara King, my jewellery business, which I chose first, is Jewel Divas, and then for some reason, I kept coming back to Jewels Diva for an author name. And then I came up with buying a royal title and trademarking my name for the sake of standing out from the crowd, that gimmick to make me different.

I believe my muse chose those names for a reason. I found out this year I'm either a Taurus with Gemini tendencies, or a Gemini with Taurus tendencies which would explain so much about me and my businesses and why the names arose.

Tiara = Jewel/Jewels, King = Diva/Divas

A weird play on my own name. That's what my muse did to me, but then I guess I can't really blame her. 

Hell, my name is royal enough as is, but since I'm HUGELY crushing on Gerard Butler at the moment (so you may see some Youtube videos of him in the coming weeks) who's actually here in Aus filming a movie but sadly nowhere near me, when we get married I'm taking him back to Scotland to buy another set of royal titles and we'll be Lord and Lady Butler!

We can have our own tv show called Lord and Lady Butler Entertains and have on all of the people he's ever worked with, and have on all of the actors I've ever had a crush on as well. He can sing, we can do skits together and make tv magic together. As well as magic of other kinds of course.

It's funny, I posted that pic of him years ago in a hot naked men post and now here I am crushing on him so bad. Ohhhhh those short wonder I made the pic as large as I can thank me after having an orgasm....of which I've had quite a few.....

Marry me Mr Butler and show me you really do give a damn. Be the Prince Charming who whisks me away on his jet black steed into the sunset of a new life together as I ride away from this shit life I currently live in.

After all, a King does need a Butler to entertain her and do her bidding......

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