Monday, April 7, 2014

Jimmy Fallon comes to free to air tv in Australia

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has finally come to our free to air networks in Australia.

I have no idea whether he was on Foxtel (cable) with his other show, but I guess now that he's hosting the show Australia, specifically the ABC, decided to air it on ABC2 at 7:30pm.

It started last week and I watched the second episode, not even realising it had actually started due to no advertising or publicity for it.

The ep I saw had January Jones and Josh Holloway and I have to say, it was boring.

All the clips that Aussie tv has shown over the last year or so of his sing alongs and hilarity just weren't there, so much so I forgot it was on and missed eps. 

I don't know whether there's a difference between his own show and the Tonight Show, but it just wasn't funny enough for me. I'll give him another go, but watching all the good parts on YouTube may be better.


  1. He's funny and has some good skits, but a lot of them I'm like "meh." I catch most of them on YouTube, I rarely watch him live.

    1. Most of the good bits are always shown by tv shows here in Aus so I already see them before the show comes on.

  2. Here the Tonight Show comes on at 10:35 PM Central time so sometimes I catch it. I don't know if it is the same show you are seeing. His opening comedy stuff is usually pretty funny but the interviews usually don't hold my attention. That was true when Leno had it too. I had grown tired of Leno's style of comedy. I think he came across as arrogant.

    1. After what Jay Leno and the network did to Conan I think a lot of people thought he was arrogant.


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