Monday, April 14, 2014

AUTHORS I FOLLOW: Jackie Collins

As an author it's almost a required right of passage to follow other authors, be it famous ones you read, ones you know personally, ones who are starting out like you and you meet in groups or clubs.

I have followed a few over the years, not only their blogs and websites but their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts.

Of course, for the first Author I Follow, it had to be the woman who inspired my very first book, The Road To Vegas. Jackie Collins, who has five, yes that's five (pics below), offices in her gorgeous Hollywood mansion, see more on that here.

You can follow Jackie at her website, her Twitter, her Facebook or her Instagram account.


  1. She looks great doesn't she. I read the Hollywood Wives book but I haven't really read much of her stuff. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it, its more that there's always something else grabbing my attention. So much to read and so little time for reading.

    1. She does look great, and I love her collection of blazers.


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