Friday, April 11, 2014

Australian Fashion Week model, Cassi Van Den Dungen, and her followers need to understand skeletal is not okay

Sydney Fashion Week took a turn for the worse this week when designer, Alex Perry, had his show. Strutting her stuff down the catwalk (on the right) was model, Cassi Van Den Dungen, looking a gaunt, shadow of her former self.

As usual over the last five to ten years, every time there is a thin model on the runways people get up in arms over the thinness of the girls modelling the clothes and how we need to change the rules for modelling. 

And every year no one does anything.

Cassi hit back after the controversy by posting multiple pictures of food during the day, claiming they were breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

It's all uneaten and posting a pic of food and claiming it's lunch does not make it so. It also does not prove she actually ate anything.

She has hit back at people on Twitter and Instagram with hashtags such as #hatersgonnahate and #Iamwhoiam, #dealwithit and accusing everyone of bullying.

Unfortunately many of her followers all believe she looks beautiful, she's not too thin, that everyone is different and we all need to deal with it.

Considering the difference in her old shot and now, there is no way in hell that this is natural for her. Stop using the "fast metabolism" excuse, STOP using the "I am who I am" excuse, STOP using the "this is the way I am naturally" excuse because it's all a load of BULLSHIT.

No one is bullying you Cassi. They are stating a very sad fact because of what they see thanks to what you are portraying. A young girl looking gaunt, skeletal, anorexic and in need of help to get healthy. This is not bullying, it is a very sad fact.

And to all the followers who believe it's wrong, you're as deluded as she is and want to blame the rest of us and use excuses for the rest of your life.

I am sick and tired of people claiming they are naturally thin when they are not. Obesity and anorexia are not natural and not okay. Go back to cavemen times, we were an average size, not too thin and not too fat.

To Cassi and all of her followers, pull your God damn heads out of your anorexic backsides and grow a fucking brain. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY and people need to stop feeding her delusions by agreeing with her to make her feel better.

Take a damn good look in the mirror, and for the sake of your son grow the fuck up and get healthy. 



  1. OMG...that is a skeleton in a dress. There is nothing natural about that girl. AND no she didn't eat any of that food.

    1. Exactly and it's funny, when this went on last week no one mentioned that posting pics of food does not equate to eating said food.

  2. She looks much better with a bit more weight on here anyway. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders int he past I think she needs someone to help her, it can only come from within x

    1. Absolutely. Her agent isn't helping by banging on the "fast metabolism" bandwagon. NO ONE has a metabolism that fast.


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