Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Women who expect sympathy when they are the ones who have done wrong.

I once read a blog post about a woman who saw someone lurking around her home and instinctively knew that he was going to rob the place. She called the cops but they did nothing and she needed to pick up her kids. She knew that the moment she left she would be robbed, but she had to pick up the kids.

So she decided the kids were more important and went and picked them up, taking them back home without another thought, only to realise once they were inside they were actually being robbed and had to throw the kids out of the window and make a run for it.

She expected sympathy for one of the most stupid acts of all time.

For a start, she didn’t need to go and pick the kids up, she could have had the school put them in a taxi and send them home. At least she would have been there. She could have taken the thief’s picture, gone out to confront him with her camera and tell him she’d called the cops. She did not have to leave her home at all. But she did, she put herself and her kids in one of the most dangerous positions she could have put them in and expected sympathy.

I also read a web post from a woman who told us her husband had cheated on her. She then told us the lead up to this happening. She got angry and cranky all the time, treated him like absolute dirt, didn't talk to him, didn't care about him and then had the gall to wonder why he cheated.

Well duh! He cheated because he was getting treated like garbage by you, the woman he married and decided he didn’t want you anymore.

Why do women expect sympathy in these matters?

I didn’t give her any. In fact, I recognised the type of narcissistic bitch from the moment I started reading. I knew exactly what type of person she was and told her so.

My first line of my comment was something like, “oh my god you are such a bitch!” I then went on to say I knew her kind very well, having grown up with them, and it was no wonder your husband cheated. You drove him to cheat.

That first line was the only time in the whole comment I swore or insulted her.

I went off and three or so days later came back to find my comment deleted and the person who commented below me asking for my comment to be deleted because she was so offended. I was also left a message by one of the moderators telling me that kind of comment was not wanted on that website.

Now that is a website that featured posts on the slut (I don't like this word and don't allow it on my blog so this is for this post only and any abusive comments will be deleted) walk. A word I find insanely offensive but not once do I even tell people not to use it because it’s not my business.

I emailed the website asking why they are hypocritical in the fact they can write about the slut walk but I can’t use the word bitch in my comment, when all I was doing was telling her what I thought of her.

I didn’t get a reply for over a week and by then I thought fuck them, I’m not interested in being on a website full of hypocrisy. The other hypocritical thing is the moderator who deleted my comment has used the words slut and bitch to call women on TV as she used to be a stand-up comic but now she won’t tolerate it on her website.

Fuck off then you bloody hypocrites!

My point is, I don’t and will never, sympathise with women, or anyone else, who does stupid things and then expects people to tell them it’s okay and they aren’t in the wrong. You are wrong, that’s the point. You did something bad, or blamed the person who did something against the situation and then you wonder why it all went to shit.

Because you are in the wrong and I will never tell you it’s going to be okay and that someone else is to blame because the only person to blame is you and you need to stand up and take responsibility for your actions and stop expecting women to tell you it’s not your fault and it will all work out.

Because it is and it won’t. You do not deserve sympathy for making stupid choices, and that’s what they are. YOUR CHOICES. No one else’s, only yours.


  1. First of all is the word "bitch" even a bad word anymore? It's said all the time of primetime TV and the phrase "my bitches" means friends now.

    I agree that it is hard to be supportive of people that made a point of doing stupid things and then expecting others to not only excuse their behavior but to support their bad decisions. I have a friend that is famous for making ridiculous decisions and then want me to say, I understand why she did things. I just tell her I am staying out of it.

    1. I don't think bitch is here either, bugger and bastard certainly isn't and I think bitch is along the same line. Unfortunately, hypocrites who run forum websites believe they can use it but no one else can, especially on their website.


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