Wednesday, April 30, 2014

21 days of things about me!

The good news is, I'm back, the even better news is that my next e-book will be coming out in May, yay!

I have the assessments back and will be giving them ( I have others under my real name coming) their final edits and getting them ready for Kindle and Smashwords.

I also have my new novel coming out next month, it's being formatted and created as we speak. So while the paperback version is being created at CreateSpace (and while I await the proof) I will release it through Kindle and Smashwords.

So all in all, all of my books will be released by the end of May, the month I turn 40!

Yes, that's right, I turn 40 next month and so in the lead up to not only my birthday, but the release of my new books, I will be doing 21 days of things about me. Each day through to the 21st which is my birthday, I will be blogging 40 things I love, hate, want to do, never want to do etc until the big day of May 21 when you will get even more personal things about me.

I shall also let you know the launch days of my books, probably May 21st at the latest as that's when all the blog posts will be over and I can talk about them.

Until then, enjoy the next 21 days of things about me.

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