Wednesday, March 19, 2014


That's right, after umming and ahhing over whether the book was even ready, although I had proof-read a million times, checking links and what not, I finally just did it!

I signed in to Smashwords and up she went!

And then onto Kindle where it's live in America, the U.K. and here in Australia amongst other places.

Of course, now comes the hard part, and some of it I did Monday night when I hit the publish button.  It's getting it up and out across all of my web pages and book sites which I will be finishing off today. That's right, it takes a good day or so to upload across social media and book selling sites. Between your cover, blurb, trailer, it takes a lot to get a book up across the internet!

My guide to self-publishing is finally here after months of editing and getting up to date. Of course it didn't help that Facebook changed their website a few days ago, but I added that in at the last moment.

Dream It, Write It, Publish It! An Australian Guide To All The Hard Parts No One Tells You About Self-Publishing is a quick and simple guide for up and coming Australian authors who choose the path of self-publishing so they can own all of the rights and make all of the money.

This e-book is broken down into seven quick and easy to read guides, each with seven quick and easy to read steps, such as: things you need to know, plans to becoming an author, the business of being an author, self-publishing, getting your money, social media, and press and publicity. Each section focusses on specific aspects that Australians definitely need to know about when publishing their print or e-books online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, writing a novel or non-fiction e-book is not beyond you. If you’re Australian, have an imagination, the energy and willingness to slog your guts out because you want to do it all yourself, then there are many things you need to know for writing, publishing and selling via the internet. Like the legalities of being an international seller on the big self-publishing websites.

If you have the dream and want to make it happen, take your future career into your own hands and be your own self-published author, then Dream It, Write It, Publish It! An Australian Guide To All The Hard Parts No One Tells You About Self-Publishing is the e-book for you.


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