Monday, March 24, 2014

What it takes to be an author and actually release a book

You mean besides writing the book, formatting the book, making the cover or getting someone to do it. Deciding which website to sell it from, your own, Smashwords, Kindle, or some other site you know of that I don’t.

Then there’s filling out all of the details for your book. Filling out all the details to get your EIN or ITIN and dealing with the IRS and Aussie taxes. There’s uploading your book across other websites like Goodreads, Shelfari, Wattpad and so many more. They all require your bio and book blurb, covers and trailers.

Have you even done a book trailer? Bought the music legally and uploaded it to YouTube, your website, Facebook page, Google +. Have you uploaded to Pinterest, LinkedIn, or your Tumblr blog?

Have you done a separate page for it, uploaded the cover, the blurb, the trailer, the price? Do you even have the price right for what the book is?

Then you have to promote it. Have you Tweeted about it, Instagrammed it, Facebooked it, Pinned it? Have you asked people for reviews, added it to your email signature, updated your website’s sidebars? And what about press releases and press kits? They need updating if you have one as well.

There’s a hell of a lot to do when writing the book, but there’s even more when it’s time to get it up for sale. For those who don’t bother with Smashwords, Kindle or CreateSpace and only sell from your own blog or website, congratulations. You only have to worry about Aussie taxes and none of the pages that come with selling on the big book sites.

Writing a book is not just about the book. It’s also about everything that comes after.

If you only think you have to write it and everything else will magically happen, think again. Here’s just a simple list of websites I have to worry about uploading to and they’re just the ones I can think of now.


1 - SMASHWORDS - BIO             PRICE          BLURB         COVER          TRAILER
2 - KINDLE                                      PRICE          BLURB         COVER
3 - CREATESPACE                      PRICE          BLURB         COVER          INTERIOR
5 - GOODREADS - BIO                PRICE          BLURB         COVER           TRAILER
7 - AM AUTH CENT X5 - BIO                                                                            TRAILER
8 - WATTPAD - BIO                                             BLURB         COVER          TRAILER
9 - INDIE BOOK LOUNGE - BIO  PRICE           BLURB         COVER         
10 - AUTHOR’S DEN - BIO          PRICE           BLURB         COVER          TRAILER


12 - BLOG    EVERYTHING         PRICES        BLURB         COVER          TRAILER
13 - TUMBLR - BIO                       PRICES        BLURB         COVER          TRAILER
14 - FB PAGE - BIO                                            BLURB         COVER          TRAILER
15 - GOOGLE+ - BIO                                                                                         TRAILER
16 - YOUTUBE - BIO                                                                                          TRAILER
17 - PINTEREST                                                                        COVER          TRAILER
18 - LINKEDIN - BIO                                            BLURB         COVER          TRAILER
20 - PRLOG                      PRESS RELEASES




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