Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Twice in three months I've had no internet!

Thanks to an unforeseen holiday from the internet being out as well as my phone AGAIN after being out over xmas, it meant I couldn't do a blog post for Monday.


Although my provider is not dodgy, I am over the internet going out. I know my house is old but the damn phone bit was replaced at xmas time and I have no idea what he did this time, certainly didn't replace anything!

I think he went somewhere and did something, either way, I finally got the internet back on only to be given 187 spam comments on my blog, plus one bullshit comment that an anonymous prick left on a two and a half year old post that I have long moved on from.

Here is her comment, although I'm assuming it's a her either way, it's a knob! - You've obviously posted this to get attention for your useless and less than entertaining blog. Bad attention is better than no attention, right? I've NEVER seen a "blogger" speak to a reader like you have. It's disgusting that you're so low brow you would come up with these ramblings just to get a hit on your page. She obviously had serious mental and physical issues, which impaired every aspect of her life. You obviously know this, but yet, you want to play devil's advocate and try to get SOME comments because NO ONE is commenting on any of your posts with any positive feedback. It's sad to know that if someone did a search to find out more information about her, as I have, they would end up on your trashy, foul mouthed page. By the way, your website is probably one of the most poorly designed I have seen, and that includes the most amateur of bloggers. And "Karma?" There is no such thing as karma. There is only God

God fucking sake, get a life people, the fucking post is over two years old, move on and to all the hypocrites out there, you bitch about me slagging people off but what the fuck do you think you're doing yourself, fucking hell!

As for my website being poorly designed, it's a blog, bitch, that IS the design! Seriously, morons who make the attack personal are giving me the fucking shits. I'm trying to be less negative this year but then fuckwits come along and post shit like that, fucking hell.


  1. The only thing worse that a really rude person is a really rude person that professes they follow a god. Don't nearly all religions (even pagan religions) teach kindness and being nice to one another. Now that just pisses me off that a person feels the need to be hurtful and then claim there is a God.

    Remember in old cartoons how if anyone did something bad, a lightening bolt came down and stuck them. Where are lightening bolts when you need them. I don't know if there is karma but I am hoping there is.

    1. Absolutely. These people are hypocrites and don't even know it.


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