Wednesday, February 5, 2014

There's weird shit going on in the world!

So in my time away I came up with a big list of stuff to write about and in my ever present path to trying to be more positive I decided to find more "good" things to talk about.

Having said that, I'm not sure these are "good." I came across some weird and strange things on Yahoo in my time away.

The first one resonates because I too am 40 this year.  Although I'm not a ghost resort in the Mediterranean [ link ], I do need a makeover. Maybe I'll mosy on over there and see if I can get one at the same time!

The second is about a sneaky sister who you really would just want to punch in the head [ link ]. Seriously, how dare she cancel her brother's wedding simply because she didn't like her potential sister-in-law!

And the third is hilarious! At least he admitted, albeit sheepishly, that he was actually perving at a bird and not what he was supposed to be doing [ link ]. Serves him right, breaking both legs is what you get for not concentrating!


  1. OMG I have just fallen down the rabbithole of clicking links.

    I blame you!

    1. lol, Kelley, unfortunately I've gotten into "trouble" for posting full stories in the past so figured it's best to just post links from now on.


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