Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Walking Dead is back!

The Walking Dead returned to tv Sunday night and while we don't get it here on FreeView tv (we get it on Foxtel which is like cable), I have been able to watch it online.

I recently caught up on all episodes, rather quickly as I essentially fast forwarded through them just to get the jist of the storyline.

I re-watched ep 8 before ep 9 so I could get some continuance and for all that everyone was talking about I found it quite boring.

It mainly centred on Rick and Carl. Carl the punk arse kid who needs a damn good kick up the arse and a punch in the head. It's easy to understand the apocalypse has changed everyone and kids have needed to grow up and become adults, but that shit head needs a damn good kick.

Then there was Michonne who we saw some back story about. We know she lost her child, clearly lost her partner as well but that's all.

Thankfully, she has finally found Rick and Carl and I'll be watching next week to see whose turn it is to find each other. They're clearly going to do a few characters per ep to drag it all out before the end of the series.

The Walking Dead had the biggest pilot premiere of all time apparently and now we're into the second half of series 4. 

Let's discuss!

Fave character?

Who should die?

Who do you want together?

What should happen next?


  1. Sadly...none of that clicks with me. My friends assure me that I would enjoy watching but still I haven't fit it in. They also tell me I need to be watching Blacklist. HMMMM...Perhaps

    1. I got into the Blacklist when that started here but went off it after a few weeks. Mainly because the networks changed times and nights.

      As for the Walking Dead, I'm still not a rabid fan, and have essentially skimmed all episodes but now that they've been split apart it's going to be interesting to see how and who gets back together.


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