Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hansel & Gretel and Paranormal Activity 4

I know Paranormal Activity 5 is now out but I've only just caught up with #4.

It makes no sense.

It's supposed to be the sister from #1 who killed her boyfriend, and then in #2 killed her sister and brother in law and took her nephew.

#3 was about what happened to them as children and now #4 is supposed to tell the story of where she is now. Except the kid she has isn't her nephew and the nephew is supposedly the neighbour's kid who was adopted.

Why she would kill three people, and kidnap her nephew and then give him up for adoption makes no sense. Neither do these movies.

Hansel and Gretel was the other movie I watched on the same day.

Now it was interesting and I do crush on Jeremy from time to time and even though the way they killed the witches at the end was fairly cool all I did was question their witch fighting ability.

It sucked!

They were useless, kept relying on their weapons ans had no idea how to physically fight...anyone!

If you like comedy schmuck, this movie is for you.


  1. I'm so confused when it comes to the Paranormal Activity films! It's like with Saw... the first 1 or 2 were good 'cos it was new and fresh... then it just got weird, confusing and tired xx

    1. Right there with ya Scarlett, they have gotten confusing.

  2. Clearly I live under a rock...I am not familiar with Paranormal Activity of any number. Are these television shows or movies?

    I am not sure I could respect a witch that had no ability to fight. I am assuming from your post the witches die in the end. Will the dead witches appear in Paranormal #6 or some other number? Just curious. I would watch Hansel and Gretel just for the sake of Jeremy Renner. Plus I like the idea of a brother and sister working together and not killing each other. They don't kill each other do they?

    1. Cheryl, Paranormal Activity are movies that get more confusing as they go. Witches are involved but they don't seem to do much, as the story really revolves around the boy, Hunter and that story hasn't been gone into either.

      Hansel & Gretel is great if you love the gory versions of nursery rhymes, they kill witches but seem really bad at doing so. And no, they don't kill each other although Hansel ended up with "blood disease" due to eating all "that candy" when he was a kid and needs to inject himself every few hours.


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