Wednesday, February 19, 2014

World War Z and The Lone Ranger

A couple of weeks ago I finally caught up on two movies I've wanted to see since they came out.

World War Z was the big zombie movie of the year.

It stars Brad Pitt after all, was based on the book by Max Brooks and had a bidding war between Brad and Leo DiCaprio so it had to be good, right?

The book wasn't. It was a compilation of "stories" by the survivors of the apocalypse.

The movie looked better, faster, and well, while it started out fast, and fast moving zombies that can essentially fly through the air seems impressive, overall, it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be.

Sure, there were some good bits, like the roof top escapade, the chopper being pulled down, the plane being blown up, the zombies crawling up the wall in Israel but overall, it just wasn't as bad, or as creepy as I Am Legend, The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead and so many more.

They claimed this movie would be a flop and I can't remember if it actually was but the end seemed kind of final. They were burning bodies, cleaning up the cities, killing off the rest. There ain't gonna be many humans left on the planet after all of that.

And for anyone who is a Doctor Who fan, Peter Capaldi is also in it. But I won't be watching D.W. any more as I always preferred David and Matt and Chris were good too, Peter is just too old and doesn't appeal.

World War Z gets a big 6/10 for me.

Then there was The Lone Ranger With Armie Hammer who's a bit of a spunk rat, and Johnny Depp who so many love and seem eternally youthful.

While this movie definitely had it's gruesome parts, like everyone being murdered in cold blood, especially the Indians at the end, it was mostly funny.

The train crash, the "spirit" horse, being buried up to their necks with scorpions, stuff blowing up, Helena's gun toting Ivory leg, all good, but I got really confused at the end with the train...not even sure what to call it, train fight? Two trains on two tracks with everyone going back and forth between the two, I got confused but you could tell who was going to go off the bridge at the end.

Overall, for a somewhat gruesome Disney movie, I quite enjoyed it and do have a bit of a crush on Armie who came out to Aus to promote it last year. 

I gave it a HUGE 8/10


  1. I haven't seen either of these but I may watch Lone Ranger at some point. The trailers look funny. Plus the bird on Johnny Depp's head makes me laugh.

    I am just not into the zombie, apocalypse, walking dead...none of that appeals to me. I am such a party pooper.

    1. What he does with that is rather amusing, and while parts are gruesome the majority is definitely funny.


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