Monday, February 10, 2014

Smashwords no longer distributing to Sony as it closes it's E-Reader store

Smashwords announced to all of it's followers and authors last week that Sony is closing it's E-Reader store down on March 20 2014.

This means that Smashwords will no longer be distributing to the Sony store and our books will no longer be available and they will disappear as Sony shuts up shop.

For those publishing with Smashwords your books will still be sent to iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, who will take over books from Sony, and many more so there is no need to worry too much at losing a place to sell. 

Smashwords is finding distributors and stores to send books to all the time and they added Scribd last year.

If you are publishing with Smashwords don't worry about your books, they will deal with it all.

I have updated this information in my upcoming self-publishing guide as well.

For more information on this head to the Smashwords Blog and check the post out so you know the full details.

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