Monday, February 17, 2014

Does calling your self an entrepreneur actually make you one?

The word entrepreneur means a professional who: creates, organizes, and assumes risk management, for the growth of a business. 

Being an entrepreneur means being self-employed and attempting to generate an income on your own without the help, assistance, or backing of another company or corporation (e.g. an employer). 

Furthermore, being an entrepreneur means playing all the roles in a company until it grows to a point where other people can be hired to fulfill those roles. Why did you start your business? I started a business because I wanted to earn an unlimited income and have more time freedom. Being an entrepreneur enables me to be the creative.

I don't know how many people call themselves an entrepreneur but I really have to wonder how many of them actually do anything.

I can definitely call myself one. I undertook all the financial risk in writing and self-publishing my own books. I play all the roles in "my company", so I could call myself and entrepreneur, however I don't because I feel it's an "airy fairy" word that sounds big but means very little and is rather vacuous.

It's essentially a blow hard phrase to use. You blow hard about what you do to call yourself and entrepreneur but actually don't do or have anything.

And that's what I think it is for Gen Ys as many use this word as a "tag line". A tag line is a line or phrase used to describe what you do. Mine is in my header, Author, Blogger, Social & Media Commentator, that's a tag line. So many use the word entrepreneur as theirs. 

I think for many, Gen Ys in particular, it actually means, "I have a lot of ideas but I actually do nothing".

And when it comes to bloggers, would you even consider yourself an entrepreneur? 

Are you one in any other part of your life to be able to use the word in its actual meaning?

What do you think when you see the word on someone's business card, or they tell you that's what they are when introducing themselves to you?

What do you think of the word in general?

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