Friday, February 7, 2014

Do homophobes really exist or is it just the world they grew up in?

Stephen Fry's, Out There was on during the holidays and it got me thinking about Homophobes.

Are people truly homophobic or just struggling to understand something completely opposite to what they were taught or raised to believe in?

A parent who doesn’t believe their child is gay. Ask them why, they will more than likely say it’s against their religion, not how they were raised, not how they raised their child, against their morals, because they don’t understand.

If you were raised Catholic, Christian or the like, you will have that religious compass telling you it’s wrong. You should not be expected to throw away your beliefs and morals overnight just to please someone else’s control freak nature.

It was like when Tony Abbott was in the running to be PM of this country. Because his sister is gay they expected him to get rid of his beliefs and just give the gay community what it wanted, which was marriage equality.

Personally, I think the stupid dumb arse law of marriage should be abolished completely and then no one can complain about it.

So why is it, that a religious person is constantly persecuted for their beliefs and told to essentially throw them out of the window just so one group of people can get their way?

I don't know but I am really fed up with people wanting to control others.

I am really fed up with minorities, gays, blacks, Muslims, constantly fighting for control over others and countries just because they don't like the laws or the way things are run.

I don't believe people who claim they hate gays, or who do just hate gays are really homophobic. I believe it was the way they were raised, the community they were raised in, or the beliefs they were taught.

Either way, it is up to them to decide what is right or wrong and just because a gay person may not agree with their way of thinking does not give them to the right to tell them they are wrong.

We are all entitled to our beliefs and others need to stop dictating what we should and shouldn't believe in just because we were raised under a religion or a certain belief system.

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