Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What do Australian authors want and need to know when Self-Publishing?

As a self-publishing Australian I have found that while many guides have been very helpful, there are just some issues that authors from Ireland, England, America do not know about certain aspects of Australia.

Such as what it takes to publish through your website, Amazon or Smashwords, apply for an ITIN or EIN from the IRS, fill out forms with details for this country, websites to join, and small things such as tax and do we pay it.

The answer is yes, and while many self-published authors in Australia use either small publishing houses or vanity publishers (who do all the work but you pay all the costs which can run into thousands) what about those who want to use the big online retailers and distributors?

As an Australian who wants to self-publish WHAT DO YOU want to read and know about in a self-publishing guide? What are the details YOU want to know for filling out the forms YOU need to send off so you can claim your royalties? And guess what, I couldn't even find a definitive answer to taxes. How bad is that! 

Let me know what you would want to read and know about as an Aussie author in regards to self-publishing through Smashwords and Amazon's CreateSpace and Kindle. I'm writing a guide to self-publishing (I couldn't find a guide for Australians after a quick Google search) and if I haven't put it in then I'll research and answer and see if I can fit it in.

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