Friday, November 1, 2013

The Today Show's "Double Cars and Cash Giveaway"competition IS a rip off!

Yes, proof that tv shows rip people off!

The Today Show and Mornings are running a new competition where they are giving away a car twice a day. Now many people, in this day and age would not be able to afford to run the Jeep Compass or Sport they're giving away, there's also a Fiat Punto or Chrysler 300 Limited.

That's fine, but what's not fine is what they claim about the cash.

They claim, ON THEIR WEBSITE, that each car will be FILLED WITH CASH! Yes, they actually say that on the competition page here.

Now as far as I know, to FILL a car with money it would take a million or ten to ACTUALLY fill it. So if you click on the "terms and conditions" link and actually read the terms and conditions you will find they are ONLY giving away, and it quotes - "$1,000 OR $10,000 (except for the 6th Draw Period when the cash prize will be either $1,000 or $50,000).

On top of that, you don't get to choose WHICH car you want, you win what they pick, and secondly, you may only win $1000 OR $10,000. So the ads they have been running are technically inaccurate and a lie as they say you WILL win $10,000 and the website says they are FULL of cash.

The cars are NOT full of cash and you won't necessarily be winning $10,000.


All I can say is read the terms and conditions to find out how these comps work because some of them ARE a rip off.

I love the Today show and enter their normal cash give away, but this one is a rip off.


  1. Totally lying for sure...but I might forgive them if I won a (any really) car and any amount of cash. I would prefer the $50,000.00 but I wouldn't throw a thousand crisp bills back into their faces.

    It is curious though, how they get by with lying. Aren't there rules about disclosure that would cover that type of misleading marketing?

    1. It is misleading and doesn't make them look good.

      And no, I wouldn't throw it back in their face either, but their attitude towards lying is wearing a bit thin.

  2. How is it a rip off when it's practically free to enter? You need to get in the bin. This is so pathetic.

  3. Get in the bin? You're telling ME this pathetic yet you comment AS anonymous and then insult me. Fuck off.

    And for the record, it's a rip off because they are lying about the car being stuffed full of cash. It isn't. That is the lie.


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