Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Old people and their memories. They suck!

Something that's really been annoying me lately is when a you tell a person something and then hours later they will adamantly believe that someone else told them.

For instance, I told my mother to up her dosage by cutting particular pain pills in half so she can take 1 & 1/2 pills, or 150 mg. I told her that when we had come out of the doctors office as he was putting her up to 150 but it would take days to get them from the chemist as they would have to order them in.

So we went shopping, ate out, and then hours later she swears that the doctor told her to cut her pills in half and take 150. He didn't. I know because I was there.

I'm at a loss as to what this situation is actually called. Old age, Alzheimers, bad memory, or just a strenuous belief that everything I say is wrong, or I never said it at all.

Regardless of what I say she refuses to believe anything I say and always believes  the "experts" told her. She asks for me to find things out or asks for my opinion and then either doesn't believe what I say and will ask someone else or find out for herself.

It's wasting my time and energy dealing with this shit and I don't want to. I never wanted to. My siblings don't give a shit and are off swanning around in their own lives. Well I want one too!

All I get is an overwhelming feeling that I do not matter to her at all. I have been told my opinions don't matter, what I say doesn't matter, what I think doesn't matter. I'm sick of this shit but see no way of getting away from it unless I win money from somewhere so I can move.

Ugh, I'm over this shit.

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