Monday, October 28, 2013

New book updates. Or should that be books?

I blogged an update last week about how my novel was going. It's going well. Last Sunday I wrote 15 and a half pages and yesterday I wrote 24 and a half pages. So part three is nearly done. Then I have to work on part 1.

My e-book is coming long nicely. "Guides to self-publishing and social media" (rough name) is running at 74 pages and is almost complete and I will also be doing three other e-books. Yes, I'm that busy. In fact, I'm that busy I have my next six months planned out and it involves more than writing. I'm considering turning two of my Facebook pages into e-books. Carers need help and support too, and Just Putting it Out There. Details about those two are in my right sidebar. 

I'm also working on a fancy collection and e-book about the things I do in my other life which will all be revealed next year. I'll be doing some blog posts about that and why I waited to reveal things. There are many reasons people keep the things in their life separate. Not being shit all over for it is just one of them.

I'll be updating about my books until they are released for publishing which will be May 1st 2014.

Yes, you have to wait that long for their debut!

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