Monday, October 21, 2013

Leeches who do nothing for money

On Saturday I was in my local library and saw the new book by Katie Price aka Jordan, the busty page 3 UK model once married to Peter Andre and who just had another kid by another husband. Have no idea how many she's up to now.

But her book was sitting there on the shelf and I simmered.

Simmered because she doesn't write the bloody things and because she'd be getting millions for it.

So that got me thinking about all the other leeches who do nothing for money.

All of the "celebritards" who don't drink Pepsi but will take money from Pepsi, those don't wear a certain brand, don't eat a certain food, don't do a certain thing (like write their own books) and yet rake in millions for it.

It's because publishing houses jump on band wagons basically. They see a money making scheme and they offer.

Someone has a hit single/album and tour, someone wants to make money.

Someone has best selling books, someone wants to make money.

Someone has a popular blog, someone wants to make money.

Someone has a hit show, someone wants to make money.

It's all the same, and that's where people become leeches. Accepting money for things they don't eat, drink, wear, use or do.

Leeches because they don't put the hard yards in and actually write the book and that's what I keep coming back to, people who do not write books, have never written books, will never write books, have not even thought of writing books and yet get book deals. Damien Leith to name one.

Leeches, all of you, just for the sake of earning money to fund your life style you lie and cheat your way through life by not actually doing anything and get it all for nothing. 

You are a leech, plain and simple. You are sickening, and so desperate for money you would sell your soul by lying about what you do. So desperate for money you will do anything and then happily go through life believing in your own bullshit about how fantastic you are because you do all these things when you actually don't.

Bullshit lying leeches who don't deserve what they get because they didn't earn it by doing the hard yards like the rest of us. You get everything you want for free while the rest of us struggle. You are a leech because you do nothing yet get everything. 

How long should we put up with companies wasting money on leeches? What can we do to revolt against it, to show these companies and celebritards we do not like it? What can we do to show people we will not put up with fakes and frauds who just leech money from the companies who offer it so freely?

Ugh! Gives me the shits!

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