Friday, October 11, 2013

It does not matter which TV or radio show I watch or listen to, there will always be some moron who starts a sentence with...


I mean.




For a start, why do you need to say "like" all the time? It's like, what? Annoying? Well derr shit!

Secondly, what do you "mean" if you have said nothing that needs clarification or explaining?

Thirdly, if you have to say "honestly" then you're nothing but a common liar. It always comes out as more of a question when they say it, in that case, you are clearly assuming people want you to lie to them and so you need to ask, which is just weird. Saying honestly at the beginning of your sentences just tells me you've lied before and are probably lying to me now.

Fourthly, if you start a sentence with sorry what are you sorry about?

I think when I speak I'm guilty of saying sorry, such as, sorry, but you look like shit!  

Now I have no idea why I apologise before a sentence, I'm not trying to make them feel better or warn them of what's coming, but for some reason I have struck up the habit of saying sorry when either disagreeing with someone, or complaining about something.

"Sorry, but that's just not good enough."  "Sorry, but I don't agree with you."

Why did I need to put sorry at the beginning of those sentences? I have no idea and so think it's a habit I picked up and need to get rid of because I am NOT SORRY!

I also have the habit of saying "look" at the beginning of a sentence alot. Look? Look at what? What is the person I'm talking to supposed to be looking at?

Why do we say these weird things?

I'm Gen X, and even though it seems to be a lot of Gen Ys who say these things I know it has crept up to my Gen. Maybe it's a twenty something issue, although I have wracked my brain trying to remember what weird things we Xers used to say back in the day, which was not too long ago and only a decade or two behind me.

If anyone else can remember what they said in their twenties please remind me.

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