Monday, October 14, 2013

Apparently I was the talk of the town on

It's funny what you find when you go browsing through your blog's stats. 

I found myself the centre of attention on They were talking about the Today Show's "I Wake Up With Today" comp and someone googled about it and found me and my video for "IS THE TODAY SHOW COMP RIGGED"

this is the conversation that ensued, sorry they're a bit blurry

someone found me from googling

 this next one says how rude I was for the way I spoke to the girl who got called but didn't answer. I still say she's stupid!

this next one says I'm an A grade biatch and need to be slapped about with a dead fish, roflmfao, they also think I'm stupid enough to have removed the post! nup!

 it's amazing the kind of things you can find through your stats page.


  1. Haha no way! How ridiculous, just think, you were the centre of some loser's world for a while then xx

    1. I know, glad I made their day, but it left me feeling a bit weird!

  2. Wow, those complaints were pretty rich coming from them, considering the things they blithely said about you!

    1. That's just it Kellie, it's all well and good to slag off at people on your own blog, but to slag off about them somewhere else and expect people to think you're so fabulous, is bullshit. They have no idea how hypocritical they're being. What they accuse me of is the exact same thing they're doing!

      Bloody Hell!


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