Friday, September 20, 2013

Some people think they have the right to attack you, not even understanding they are doing the exact thing they are accusing you of!

I've gone around this subject before. People doing the exact same thing they are accusing you of.

Recently on my Facebook author page, Sarah White decided to leave me a message. I have no idea who she is referring to, and I went back through my blog to see if she had ever left a message, and she hadn't, under her own name that is. She may have never left a message at all so I have no idea who she is talking about. The problem is, she's still festering one year one. I've had people comment on blog posts telling me what a bitch I am, and I reply that they have to comment so far on they have clearly not moved on. She also only joined FB a few months ago and only had 1 friend. Yeah, attack me much? Since I posted the first pic on my FB profile, she made her profile even more private!

she then left another message

I did reply the second time but then I went, "ah, fuck it" and banned her from my page, then showed the pics on my profile page. Seriously, who the fuck does she think she is calling me ugly. Fucking ugly cow!

What is it with people commenting on something written so long ago? Why do they not move on? Why do they not get that a blog is a person's place on the web and they do not have the right to slag the person off for their opinion? 

This blog is my place to vent about the world and goings on in it. If you don't like what I write then, just as with tv or radio, change the channel or turn it off. Don't sit there and read my blog, fester, and then believe you have the right to attack me because you don't like what I write. 

For all you know people could take your words literally and kill themselves, as so many young people have. 

Yet I fight back. I will attack you with your own words and give you what for. I will attack you for being the gutless piece of shit for posting as anonymous. I will attack you for calling me a retard. I will attack you for abusing the shit out of me because YOU think you are entitled to.


As I have said many times before, this is my blog and I will write what I like. If you don't like it fuck off and leave. Don't leave a comment, don't go to my Facebook page, do not pass go, just leave and get on with your own life. But then, if you have to attack me because you don't like my opinion then that says a hell of a lot about you. That you are incapable of understanding people are quite entitled to think and feel what they want and to express those thoughts and feeling whether you like them or not.
But you just don't get that. You just don't get that on someone else's blog, YOUR opinion just does not matter. YOU do not matter. Your ABUSE does not matter.

So take your hatred somewhere else or keep it to yourself because it's not welcome here. And if you have to go to another of my social media pages and abuse me there because it makes you feel better, you will be deleted, or ridiculed just for my enjoyment!

Don't like it? Fuck you! Deal with it!

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  1. People are weird, that's pretty much the only explanation here. People who are usually rational and nice can become awful, awful creatures when they get their backs up about something.


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