Monday, August 5, 2013

Why sick bastards like Ariel Castro need to be castrated, gutted, and strung up till they die.

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It has taken me until now to write this, mainly because of how sick it made me feel.

Ariel Castro was sentenced last week to more than 1000 years on 977 counts.

What's the point really, just tell the arsehole he will spend the rest of his life in jail until the day he dies. He will not live long enough to serve all the sentences and giving them is just stupid.

They were fed just once a day and rarely given access to the bathroom, instead having to relieve themselves in plastic buckets that were emptied infrequently. Ms Knight was impregnated four times during her 11 years of captivity. Castro terminated her pregnancies by starving her for days, feeding her rotten food and then kicking and jumping on her stomach. Ms Berry was allowed to carry a pregnancy to term, giving birth in a plastic kiddie pool on Christmas Day, 2006.

Judge Russo dismissed Castro's claims that the women were happy with him. "I'm not sure there's anyone in America that would agree with you," he said.

He claimed he is not a monster, that he is just "sick". "I am not a monster. I am a normal person. I am just sick. I have an addiction just like an alcoholic has an addiction,'' he said. "Most of the sex that went on in that house, practically all of it was consensual. Most of the sex that went on in the house, probably all of it, was consensual,'' Castro claimed. "There was times they would even ask me for sex, many times. These girls were not virgins.''

It's the part above that made me sick. Blaming the girls for basically being sex starved maniacs to the point they asked him to kidnap them, tie them in his basement and have sex time and time again.

Sick arseholes like this need to die. I don't care if you string him up, line him up, shoot needles in his arm. Death row needs to be abolished and death needs to come swiftly for arrogant sick pricks like this who so clearly believe that they have done no wrong and it was all on young girls aged 14, 16 and 20.

There is only one thing to do to pricks like him, castrate, gut, and kill!

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