Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Telstra has stuffed Kogan around and now it means I'm out of a phone deal!

Thanks to Telstra throwing a tanty and having a fight with ispONE who supplied Kogan and Aldi with cheap 3G network services many will no longer have phone connections unless they port to a new company.

I have been with Kogan for the last couple of months, because as you can see below by their own chart, I had unlimited national calls and text AND 6gb per month of data. THAT was what I was after, data to connect to social media.

Now, like hundreds of thousands of others, I have to find a new company, and which one did I sign up with yesterday, Aldi, the OTHER company that had problems with Telstra. The only good thing about Aldi is they had a company do a deal with Telstra so their customers still have their phone connection. We don't know how long that will go for and it could just be a few months as many small 3G providers are slowly closing their doors due to the larger companies screwing them over.

And that's what's happened with Kogan. They have cheap access, although that went up to $39 on Aug 1st, and the larger companies didn't like it. Although ispONE has gone into administration, like so many fashion houses, it means there are less and less providers that will offer cheap calls and internet.

God I hate big companies who think they can walk all over the little guys, AND their customers!

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