Friday, August 30, 2013

I had to change my Smashwords covers due to copyright issues as they claimed I was using Carmen Sandiego on them.

Recently I revised my novels to remove all of the no longer used urls for websites I am no longer over. I uploaded these editions to Smashwords and was told I could not have an Amazon url in the book because their "customers" did not like it.

I think that's rubbish, as I certainly would like to know where I can buy the book in print if I want a physical copy of it, and I had already had an Amazon url in it for ages but no one noticed. So I asked whether it was because of the kindle or print versions, and was told no Amazon urls AT ALL!

I was also told that the covers for Lotto and London needed to be changed as I could not use an image of Carmen Sandiego on the cover.

I told them it wasn't Carmen but a similar style image from a world wide software and I believed it is copyright free. AND I had been using the image for the whole time I had been on Smashwords as well as for my avatar and no one had said anything. I was told my books had clearly been missed in autovetting. Sure!

Mine is on top, Carmen below. They are not identical, they are not exact, they are just similar in style and some colours.

Wasn't good enough for them. They don't want to be sued over the image. So after emailing some people and thinking about it, I just don't have the energy to argue and fight and sometimes you just have to go with it and suck it up. 

I have too many other things to deal with, like losing my ABN for some reason I am still yet to find out. Having until October 25 to get my tax info to Kindle, and I'm yet to get my EIN from the IRS because I was going to use my phone to call and get it, but now I have to deal with the whole Kogan/ispOne/Telstra shit and am waiting on my new sim from my new company and meanwhile the internet has been cut off my phone. 

So I have too much other shit to deal with to worry about it, so I redid new covers for Smashwords and they are still pending review at this stage and while these new covers will be going through to Itunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel (even though you can't find my books there, what a problem), Axis 360, Page Foundry (not sure who this is for) and Blio, you can still get the original covers through Amazon in print and kindle.

Here are the revised covers to look out for.

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  1. That must be frustrating to have to change your covers, especially as it sounds like it's more a case of them not wanting to admit they were wrong than anything else.


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