Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have you ever been to the chiropractor and then been in pain for the next two weeks?

I've been in pain for the last week and a half, thanks to a trip to the chiro on Saturday week and half ago, because my lower back was twisted out and so she pushed it back in.

It was fine after that, but after getting home and sitting on the pc for a few hours it stiffened up dramatically and caused all manner of pain.

I tried all all kinds of relief, cold pack, hot pack, Deep Heat, pain killers, none worked completely but they all did something individually.

And then Monday I had to go out so I was walking a lot and that helped ease the muscle pain around the hip as I moved.

But I still had bone pain, and if you've ever had chicken pox then you know bone pain from when that first comes on.


The pain has eased this week but now I'm worried that when I go today she'll push me back in again, as I can feel that I'm out, and it will start all over again.

Ah, the path to a straight spine is never pain free.

Although it has been going on for three years now so it must be getting better somewhere.

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  1. In my opinion there is no substitute for a heroic dose of anti-inflammatories.


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