Friday, August 23, 2013

Ah bloggers, some are getting too big for their britches, too precious for their own good, too big headed to fit through a normal sized doorway.

Let me give you some examples.

A blogger blocking someone from their Facebook page for stating, "I'm not a fan of hers" because she deems it "harsh".

Having your comment removed from a FB page for saying "ew, you have SJP hands" (Sarah Jessica Parker).

Being told on a FB page "sometimes I get the feeling you don't like me very much, or that could be the headache talking" simply because you pointed different things out to what the blogger had said.

Having your comment deleted because you asked if the blogger's sister was Gen y and commenting that you felt sorry for poor kids labelled with stupid names.

Being told to pull your head out of your bum because the person didn't like your comment of, "I have never said any of those things in my life."

More and more I am coming across bloggers on either their blog or Facebook page where they are constantly criticising their followers for the comments they make.

They are deluded. Seriously! They think the world is made of sunshine and lollypops and that no one should ever make a "nasty" or "rude" comment, EVER!

The world does not revolve around positivity. The old saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all", is just that, an old saying.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion whether you like it or not. Whether you deem it nasty or not. The problem is you think it is and most times it's not.

Deluded people think the most mundane boring comments are rude or nasty. That you have to be a brown-noser and suck up the backside of the people you follow.

Some bloggers think that their followers should be of like mind, think the same things, love everything they do, agree with them on all counts and tell them it was not their fault if they've done something wrong or bad.

We don't! And we have every right to say that.

So what if someone points out you have knobby knees, SJP hands, tuckshop arms, bow legs, that dress is ugly, that colour is wrong, those shoes are horrible.


Those comments are not rude or nasty, so why you believe they are is beyond me except you are living in a world made of sunshine and lollypops.

Your head is so far up your backside that you are taking away people's freedom of opinion, thought, feelings, and controlling what they say, or don't say, and what goes on in your perfect little world.

That's not the way things are. If you start controlling what people do and don't say on your blog or page, then people will get sick and tired of it and leave, then they will post on their own social media pages stories about you and why you did what you did. You'll end up with worse negativity than what you originally accused people of saying.

One blogger recently posted about criticism and the subtle way it creeps into our thoughts, one of her examples was this - "It's so hot in here".

I sat back and thought, how is that negative? If you're Diabetic, Hypoglycaemic, or going through menopause, this is something that leads up to medical issues. I've often been hot and said that to someone, and if they say no it's not, then I know there may be something wrong with me and I need to cool down, get a drink and sit down for a while. For most people this is not criticism, it is a medical issue.

I have no idea how something like this could be considered criticism especially when we live in a hot climate and that led me to think that bloggers were going nuts.

They are off their rockers if they think deleting all comments and blocking people is the way to achieving anything. Negativity is the opposite of positivity, like good and bad it is equal parts and is a part of life. You don't have to like comments and if they are massively abusive, go forth and delete, but if someone is simply asking a question or making a comment and you deem it offensive, rude or nasty, then maybe it's YOU, you should be looking at.

Maybe it's YOU who needs to pull your head out and grow a brain. Maybe it's YOU who needs to build a bridge and then get over yourself. Because YOU are deluding yourself about this life, this world, this planet.

People are entitled to their feelings and thoughts, and they are entitled to express them. It may not be to your liking but that does not make it rude or nasty.

If you are a business, removing all avenues for followers and customers to comment is not only bad business sense, it also says a lot about your ability to understand people will not always like you. They will not always like what you do, what you wear, the way you look.

People are allowed to say you have SJP hands, just as they are allowed to say you're too thin and bony because they could just be looking out for your health and don't want you keeling over from malnutrition or wasting away from anorexia.

People don't always come at it from a point of anger or hatred. They are simply making comments based on what they see, what they read, what they hear, or, more importantly, personal experience.

And I really wish some arseholes would stop throwing around the accusations of "you're jealous", "you're a judgemental bitch", "you hypocrite". Well guess what bitches, in your haste to accuse people of being judgemental bitches, you yourself are being a judgemental bitch.

Ah, irony, so many bitches can't even spell the word they live every single day!

A person does not have to be jealous to have a comment. But then you must be of the jealous persuasion to accuse everyone else of being so.

And guess what, bitches, WE ARE ALL JUDGEMENTAL, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!

You watch talent and reality shows based on people being judged on their talent, their cooking, their skills. Every time you decide between two articles you judge them. Which fast food is healthier, which car is safer, which route is quicker, they ARE ALL JUDGEMENTS!

Ah, the irony.

I've been accused of things online and yet they just did not get what they were doing. These morons were accusing me of THE EXACT same thing they were doing, to me.

People don't get the irony. People don't get the reality. In your haste to be 100% positive all of the time you turn followers against you and make them realise what a moron you actually are, not living here on earth and understanding what really goes on on THIS planet. That people are not necessarily being nasty or rude, just pointing out things they see. But YOU are the judgemental ones, you do not know us from a bar of soap and yet you deem us unfit and unworthy of your attention and time on your blog or FB page.

I have unfollowed many this year for being stupid, accusatory, brainless, judgemental bitches who I am so over. I am over stupidity. I am over morons. I am over being controlled simply because you are not adult enough or mature enough to understand life is not a bunch of roses.

So fucking what if someone points something out. So fucking what if someone is not a fan of the celebrity you posted about. So fucking what if your followers have a different opinion than you. Pull your fucking heads out and get over yourselves. You are not the be all and end all of bloggers. There were millions before you, there will be millions after you, and you bitches have made me fed up with bullshit!

And to the owners of public forums/websites such as Mamamia, The Hoopla and any others, you certainly don't mind using words like slut and bitch in your comedy or on TV shows to describe or call other women, but God forbid anyone who dares to use those words in comments on your websites. The comments are deleted faster than your head spins around on your neck. And God forbid any other person commenting gets offended.

For those who don't get the difference between running a personal blog and a public website, a personal blogger does not accept cash for comment and has every right to delete and block whoever they choose. A public blogger is one who accepts money for advertising and to pay the bills. You become a public website when you blog for money and you should not be deleting or blocking people UNLESS they are extremely verbally abusive, but to delete or block simply because you don't like the comment or person means those companies may realise they are losing potential customers and remove themselves from your website, thus, you lose money.

It's time for you to grow the fuck up you lying, two faced, hypocritical bitches!

Can you tell I'm fed up to the fucking eye balls with bullshit!

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