Monday, July 1, 2013

Why some bloggers, especially mummy bloggers, are turning me off.

Back when I first set up my blog it was commonly known that if you follow and comment on other blogs they will follow you as well.

That clearly has not been the case for many years.

What I find now is that I will come across bloggers and check them out. If they appeal to me on some level I follow them and comment on posts.

I can say I don't like them. I can also say I don't not like them. Like does not come into it for me.

They appeal to me. Their sense of writing, the way they think and feel about things, the fact they are on the same wave length as me.

Then time goes by and what was once the glossy sheen of a fancy new relationship starts to dull. Slowly at first, based on comments and posts they make. Then sometimes, it will accelerate to the point the sheen has turned to rust and they are no longer on the same wave length as me. They are now rotting in a junk yard awaiting the day they are crushed into oblivion beneath the jaws of death and turned into a small square block of metal to be turned into a coffee table base. They no longer appeal to me, no longer catch my attention but my disdain as their posts turn me off them and their way of thinking that not so long ago captured my adult brain.

Their immaturity comes through. Their lack of sense and adultness comes through. Their continual posting of the same thing turns me off. They appeal to the mildly big masses depending on their niche. They don't appeal to all.

I also grow bored easily. Especially if their immaturity and insecurity comes through very quickly. Or they write a post that turns me off due to their utter lack of conscientiousness to what the situation actually is, or was.

What once drew me in now turns me away in disgust, dismay, or an utter lack of sympathy for someone who appears so smart yet comes across as so stupid.

I know it's because as I get older I want more adult mature conversations. That can come from someone in any age group. Any generation. Many 20 somethings are quite mature and write about things that keep my attention. Many 30 and 40 somethings can bore me to death.

I can be very over someone very quickly.

I have followed bloggers from teens to middle aged, it all depends on what they blog about. Many I no longer follow because they stop blogging and move on. So I move on from them. Many I followed early on I unfollowed soon after, after seeing what they really were.

I'm over certain types of bloggers. Mainly hypocritical bloggers and mummy bloggers, which I have posted about before. I know it's because I'm not a mother so there will always be 95% that I do not and cannot understand, and be of like mind in those situations and circumstances.

I also know that my circumstances and life experiences will always be different from others.

Dislike does not equal disagree, and I disagree with many. Since bloggers ask for opinions I give mine, and it generally seems to be in disagreeance with the blogger I'm following. That doesn't mean I dislike you (in your self absorbed opinion), it means I'm disagreeing with you. I do not need to agree with everything you say and do. I was not the first and I will not be the last who disagrees with you. I am not the first and am definitely not the last who you will not like because I disagree with you.

So what, who cares!

If that is the way you want to live, having people suck up your backside, agreeing with everything you say and do then your life will be very boring and very one sided.

That is why I move on. That is why I grow bored very quickly of some bloggers. That is why I get over you very, very quickly. That is why I am constantly looking for mental, adult, mature stimulation from other people. People I can connect with mentally, those who are on the same wave length, those who think the same way, not necessarily the same thing.

As I get older I want and need adult, mature conversation. It is not always about swearing my head off which I do when I am angry or passionate about things and situations.

I swear, so what, who cares. I don't.

And if you don't either, then great. But if you're going to bang on about how much I swear and how I should change the way I think, write, feel, say, do, then you can fuck off because I'm not interested.

If you don't care, then neither do I.

I just want to find like-minded people who don't give a fuck about what other people think or say, and don't slag them off for what they do say. Not some person who doesn't like it when I disagree with them and gets all mopey and insulting towards me because they think their own shit don't stink because they have more followers and are appearing on TV, in magazines, and on other blogs. If you think you're better, take your shit attitude and shove it up your arse.

I want to follow people who are not pretentious, self-righteous, and self-absorbed with their own deluded ego which strokes itself on a daily basis.

I want to follow people who are not indignant, two-faced hypocrites riding a high horse and banging on about how their website or Facebook page is not open to people who are judgemental, and then they are judgemental to those who post on their blog or page and bans them from commenting again.

I just want to read adult, mature, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, many times blindingly out there posts by like-minded, adult, mature, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, many times blindingly out there bloggers who don't and won't bang on about their kids, their depression or how their own shit doesn't stink.

I cannot be the only one who gets over bloggers that quickly. 


  1. I have a system where I'll subscribe to plenty of blogs, read a few, and only comment on those that interest me. But I don't read them based on who wrote it, I read them based on whether the summary on my feed draws my attention. To be honest though, a post that is obviously about someone's child turning six months will be overlooked more often than not.

  2. Exactly!

    Even if they aren't mummy bloggers they can still bore me to tears and I move on.


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