Monday, July 15, 2013

Why do people choose death over life?

Cory Monteith from Glee was found dead, ALLEGEDLY from drugs. Although that's not certain at this stage.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Why do they want to destroy their lives with drugs or alcohol?

Some people want to keep banging on the "disease" bandwagon, and I'd like to see their justifications for calling it a disease.

A disease to me is cancer, or diabetes, something you did not choose, something you did not ask for, something you did not go out and look for or do stupid things to get to that point.

To me, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are a choice. You CHOOSE to snort your first line, inject your first drug, smoke your first cigarette, it is not something that just comes along and infects you, popping up in your blood stream or bones, it is a mental choice to physically smoke a cigarette, snort in powder, or stick a needle in your arm. Even throwing back pills is a choice.

I fully understand that the body becomes physically addicted to the ingredients. I fully understand the mind breaks down and believes it's addicted to the ingredients as well, however, it is not.

It's like when you have severe pain, you desperately want something to kill the pain, to make it go away so you try whatever is at hand. You find it's a certain drug and you get relief. However, your body soon becomes addicted to drug, just as your mind thinks it can no longer do without the drug because you don't want to live with the pain so you keep taking it instead of dealing with the pain.

Drugs become a crutch. You rely on it to stop your pain.

Smoking becomes a way of life. You rely on it to stay thin.

Snorting or injecting is an everyday thing. You rely on it to take you away from the real world.

By my standards, it is not a disease, it is a crutch, an excuse for not dealing with your problems, your pain, your life. My life sucks but I'm not stupid enough to take up smoking, drugs or alcohol.

I'm not the addictive kind. I have never had the inclination to draw on a cigarette, I don't throw hundreds of dollars into pokie machines, I have had morphine after surgery and it did not work, and I have had cocaine up my nose  and felt nothing from that either.

I have not needed these things. I have not become addicted to these things.

People can become addicted to sugar and suck down litre upon litre of full sugar soft drink. It is not a disease and can easily be overcome and people can move on.

People can also get help to stop smoking. They can get help to stop snorting. They can get help to stop injecting or swallowing pills.

That as well is a CHOICE. It will not happen for them if they do not mentally and physically CHOOSE to stop and take control of their life.

If you are like Cory or Amy, or even Heath, you allow the drug to take over and control you and become weak and pathetic instead of deciding to control yourself and turn your back on it.

An overdose is never accidental.

You CHOOSE to swallow ALL of those pills, drink that WHOLE bottle of alcohol, or inject that FULL needle of drugs.

Overdoses are CHOSEN, drugs are CHOSEN, life is THROWN AWAY, and that too is a choice.

To some people life just doesn't seem to be good enough to live for.

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