Monday, July 8, 2013

The Block Sky High's resident bogan, Trixie, left me gobsmacked with her grand delusions last night.

I watched The Block last night and was left with my jaw sitting on the floor.

The Bogan from Queensland, Trixie, aka Katrina, had not only called the judges dicks, but claimed that if she had've picked three judges that she liked to do the judging the outcome would have been much different.

On top of that, she was voted treasurer for their final challenge and is in charge of $50,000. Considering she has complained the whole way through that she was broke and they wouldn't have any money to finish their room EVERY WEEK, she spent up big week after week on furnishings and clearly could not budget, she was THE WORST choice for treasurer.

This week it was Terrace and redo room week and you could just tell after the judges went through Matt and Kim's terrace that they had won.

By the time the judges got to Trixie and Johnno's PENTHOUSE terrace, they were bored and so over their lack of money. Never mind the "zen garden" was nothing but a waste of space and the door didn't even open properly. Apparently the terrace showed that they were "out of money".

Over the weeks I have seen Trixie's paranoia grow. In the first few weeks the twins on level 1 were out to get her and make her look bad. Then Maddie had gone from being her BFF to her worst enemy, now, she doesn't understand why Matt and Kim had more money than they did.

Trixie so clearly has delusions of grandeur, thinking the furnishings she'd bought were wonderful and appropriate for a PENTHOUSE. Yes, people, they have the PENTHOUSE.

Yet week after week, with the exception of winning the kitchen, she has shown that she has no freakin idea about furnishing a home, let alone a PENTHOUSE! 

The PENTHOUSE looks nothing like you would expect a PENTHOUSE to look. There is no dining table, just a small bench off the kitchen island and so they over compensated in the terrace with a bloody huge bench that took up most of the space. With bench seats on one side and ugly plastic chairs on the other, it looked plain and boring compared with Matt and Kim's. And the zen garden did nothing for the overall look of the place.

Trixie clearly cannot decorate and needs to realise she's nothing but useless and stupid and cannot manage a budget let alone a home.

Her delusions and paranoia of being better than she is absolutely astounding. She absolutely believes she has done a marvellous job because "she likes it".

While you do need to like the job you do when you interior decorate and design rooms, you also need to understand it's the PENTHOUSE FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD!!!!

I really hope that they lose just to show them that she has no idea about decorating. Unfortunately I think there will be someone who will want it, not for the fact it's close to the city of Melbourne or might have good views, but because they love Trixie and Johnno.

If Bec and George win because of the fact they come from Melbourne and her mother died while filming the show, I'll think it's rigged because they won the Myer window challenge while doing nothing. They hired someone to paint their background and just stood there doing nothing. Hell, even Trixie complained that if all it took to win was standing there looking pretty she would have done it.

Personally, I think it will be between Level 1, Alisa and Lysandra, and level 2, Matt and Kim.

I just hope none of the others win because Maddie and Jarrod are nothing but whiny, complaining Gen Ys who need to shut their whiny pie holes and give our bleeding ears a rest.


Come on auction day!

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