Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Block Sky High is still going, and it's time Bec and George were taking a hike too.

when it should have been over it is still going.The Block pulled a twist and have made all contestants work on an apartment they didn't know existed.....TOGETHER!

Problem is Bec and George are stupid lazy bastards who want to do nothing but stand around or go shopping.

Bec, the stupid, idiotic, immature, insecure bitch, had the gall to try and tear Keith, the foreman, a new one by telling him she didn't appreciate the way he was talking about her husband.

Well I'm going to break your deluded little bubble Bec, you're an idiot and your husband is a lazy cock and he deserved to be criticise because he didn't do as he was told.

How the hell did your parents raise you?

To be lazy as hell and do nothing for a living for yourself. No wonder you haven't won since the beginning of the show and you keep whining about it and wondering why. George is one of the laziest people on the Block. Neither of you have worked hard, gotten in and done any hard work, and have left it all up to your arrogant pissant builder who thinks he owns the place and his own shit don't stink.

Get over yourself Bec, Keith wasn't the only one to have a go at George for not doing what he was told and you need to stop using your mother's death as an excuse like you did last night and pull your fucking head out of your arse. Then you need to grow a brain, build a bridge and get the fuck over yourself.

This is not about you Bec. It is about everyone and the fact neither of you are actually doing what you are told by the FOREMAN says you don't give a shit about rules and abiding by them. Keith isn't your kicking bag Bec, he's the man trying to make sure everything is done properly by LAW, you clearly don't get that, understand that, or want to do anything about that. 

You acted like an immature cow last night Bec, all the while your pathetic little husband just stood there smirking while his woman defended him. George is big enough and ugly enough to look after himself, and if he needs his little wifey to defend him he has serious issues, so do you.

Serious issues like laziness and letting everyone else carry his weight in the workplace. He has no idea how to work hard and your laid back cruise along attitude just shows me that your parents have done everything for you and you've done nothing for yourself or worked hard for anything you have.

Useless, pathetic shit is all you two are.

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