Monday, July 22, 2013

Rip off merchants or a necessary evil?

I don't own a lawn mower so I pay someone to do it. The problem is, he wants to come around every three weeks and in winter, when the weeds grow like rabbits, it's getting bloody expensive.

In summer it's fine because nothing grows and I can go 4-5 months or longer, from about November to April/May without needing a mow.

But in winter, he calls on a Sunday and turns up on a Monday and I have to make sure I'm up early to unlock the side gate so he can get around.

The other problem is he doesn't do EVERYTHING!

He only back slashes the lawn and then mows it. 

He DOESN'T back slash weeds in the garden or on the driveway so I have big tall green weeds growing there and with my sciatica I can't bend over too long to do anything to them and in winter, with everything being wet, you can't use weed spray either because it won't work.

So a lawn mowing man who does not backslash non-lawn weeds or tidy up when he's done except for a bit of blowing.

Yeah, hot air!

At $40, it's a rip off.

And he's not even here yet. Taking his time I see!!!!!

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