Friday, June 7, 2013

The Block Sky High 2013 is heating up and Cyclone Matt is whipping up a storm!

I've watched the Block this week and it seems floors 4 and 5 want a war.

Trixie and Johnno who won the Penthouse are now so focussed on believing the twins, Alisa and Lysandra, on floor 1 are out to get them that they are suspicious of everything they do.

After Trixie stole their steam room idea then denied it to their face and on camera, they think everything the twins do is out to destroy them. Never mind the fact they won the penthouse because their room on the day was judged best, all it is proving is they have no idea how to design a room.

That's all it is, Trixie has no freakin' idea how to do up a room and that's why she keeps failing. The twins just happen to be better at it and have won a couple of times.

But apparently it's all the twins fault and they are actually out to get Trixie. 

Paranoid much, Trixie?

Here's Matt and Kim

Madi and Jarod have now decided to dump Matt and Kim into a big pot of trouble by dobbing them in for not using the bed head from their previous challenge.

They were all told they had to make a bed head and it had to be used in one of their rooms.

Well, the bed heads finally arrived and four levels all decided to trash their bed heads.

In fact, Madi and Jarod decided to completely rebuild their bed head and go for a new design.

When they got told off by foreman Keith, Madi didn't like it and got all childish on him.

Now, four days later, they dobbed Matt and Kim in for not using their bed head.

A meeting was called and all teams were asked what their definitions of the bed head rules were. They all had a different answer, but floor 4 definitely dumped Matt and Kim in it.

Now Matt's furious and is out to dob levels 3, 4, and 5 into trouble at any time.

Good for him I say, bastards above have been causing trouble, Trixie is paranoid and Madi doesn't like being in trouble so she'd rather someone else be in trouble instead.

I suspect there are good times ahead if this promo from the other night is anything to go by.

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