Monday, June 17, 2013

I used to love op shopping, but now they're more expensive than normal stores.

I used to op shop all the time. I got great bargains, knick knacks, clothes, accessories, all sorts of goodies, but now with stores like Kmart and Big W dropping their prices in competition wars with each other, there is an abundance of brand new clothes to buy cheap off the racks.

I walked into three op shops on Saturday, did a lap of the stores and walked back out. They're not as good as they used to be. Mind you, I was wearing new Kmart clothes and I was walking through op shops where the clothes were more expensive than what I was wearing.

Salvation Army, Goodwill, St Vinnies all need to put their prices up to cover costs, especially those costs needed to get rid of all the rubbish people dump outside their bins and doors. Although we shouldn't have to pay for that with higher clothing prices on goods they got for free.

Either way, op shopping is not as good as it used to be, and with old feral bogans who haven't showered in years and have no idea what deodorant is, stinking up the aisles, I'm not really interested in going to them any more. I have two whole shopping centres full of stores selling good cheap products that I can afford and want brand new. Not second hand rubbish that's more expensive than normal stores.


  1. I agree, I love buying from charity shops - not only because sometimes you find real gems in them... but you get that warm fuzzy feeling of being a nice person lol. But I've notice they're starting to because more expensive than high-street stores, especially for clothes! One OXFAM I went to was charging £40 for a topshop skirt... xxx

  2. I think they also up the prices in op shops because they know they can with the whole concept becoming so popular lately.

  3. I think the current Retro and Vintage trends may be a factor - charity shops are now attracting trendy hipsters, so they mark up the prices for those willing to pay. But they're forgetting that there are those in genuine need who cant afford those prices.

    1. Exactly! They have completely forgotten their origins - to provide very cheap clothing to those people who could not afford to buy new...

      And the op shops get it for NOTHING. I realise that they have overheads and the money goes towards charity, but why all the different prices? Different prices in retail shops indicate the price paid wholesale; if op shops get it all for nothing, then EVEYTHING should be a set price...!

    2. Absolutely!

      They get it for nothing and yet sell it higher than the original store did.


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