Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dawn Fraser you rude old bloody cow, treating Stephanie Rice like shit "for her own good"

You don't need to watch the whole ep, just cut to 1:07 and you'll see Dawn Fraser, Olympic legend in her own head, patronise, insult and demean Stephanie Rice by explaining why she insulted, demeaned and patronised Stephanie Rice "for her own good" and that she hoped Stephanie "learned from it."

You fucking rude old cow Dawn. You've been nothing but rude, patronising, idiotic, moronic, demeaning, degrading of everyone for the whole show and now to explain it away as doing it for someone's "own good", fucking hell, bet Steph's parents didn't like that one.

If you'd said it about my daughter Dawn I would hunt you down and bitch slap you so fucking hard you'd never patronise someone gain!

Steph's face showed she was feeling insulted and yet she still went on to say Dawn was and still is her idol.


Fucking hell, why?

The moment Dawn disrespected her she should have left the idol status behind. Dawn is not an idol, she is not a legend, she lives on past glories from decades ago and does nothing now.

She certainly did nothing last night except sit on her arse and watch everything go on around her. And then had the gall to tear up and cry when she admitted it. 

Load of fucking shit!

Dawn you don't inspire the kids of today, you stole a flag and treated people like shit. Kids today look up to people they know, like Stephanie, not people they don't know, like you, you fucking rude old cow.


  1. That's what happens when people start believing their own press, I guess.

  2. Dawn Fraser please get your own house in order and leave the rest of the country alone.


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