Friday, May 17, 2013

Racism. Why we have every right to hate races of people.

Racism - hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

For those who have read about the wars, there are many, and the atrocities that they inflicted, there is every reason for many races of people to hate other races of people.

The bleeding hearts of society, and "society" in itself (not that we know who the fuck "society" is), all claim that racism needs to be stamped out. That we must all "love" and not hate each other.

That we shouldn't be racist towards people and nations.

Why the fuck not? I ask.

Are you going to tell Jewish people they cannot hate the Germans?

Are you going to tell half of the world they cannot hate the Japanese?

Hell, during the war rapes and assaults happened, and the Japanese had their "comfort women" who were kidnapped and forced into sex slavery.

You will never stop racism.

You will always have people who will hate other races for what they do. It is a fact of life and people need to deal with it, get over it and let it go because you will never get rid of hatred for a race of people.

As long as you have races of people doing hateful things you will always have other races of people hating them.

I think people need to get off this stupid bullshit racism bandwagon. You will never stop it, never change it, never be able to understand it unless you've lived through something so hateful or horrific at the hands of other races.

The words racism and racist needs to be abolished. People have their own reasons for hating another race of people and you don't have the right to tell them not to or that they're wrong for doing so.

The words racism and racist are thrown around way too lightly. They need to be abolished so no one is told they cannot hate another.

And get your facts straight first people, if a person hates someone, it's not necessarily for their race. It could just be they're an absolute arsehole or bitch, or a rapist or murderer. Understand why people hate and stop throwing stupid words around because you automatically assume it's got to do with a person's race.

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