Monday, May 20, 2013

Owning your domain and social media name urls. How many is too many?

In this day and age of blogs, websites, businesses, Facebook, Twitter etc, etc, etc, we are told to buy as many domains under our name as possible.

Be it just for our blog, our business, our business blog, etc.

But how far do we take it?

.com, .au, .net, .org, .me, .tv, .uk?

There is almost one for every country, one for everything thing you could possibly be. Not to mention all the social media sites you can score your name on. And if your name has already been taken, like some celebrities come across, what do you do? Ring the company and try and get them to shut down the account that stole you name? Ring the business that stole your domain?

There are way too many sites and domains to possibly get our name from/for/over/on, so what are people expected to do?

Get the usual, .com/ .au in Australia are for business only and you need an ABN to apply.

How many are we supposed to own?

How many do we have to our name?

How many before we get so overwhelmed we pack it all in and go back to our sedentary life of sitting on our butt in front of the tv because online life is so exhausting?

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