Monday, May 6, 2013

Online data storage websites. Which one is best to use?

I'm looking into online data storage for my massive book files, I have three novels after all, and a myriad of photos and folders on my pc, not to mention all my videos although they're uploaded on three video websites.

I need somewhere safe and free and unlimited in size and uploads.

I'm considering Dropbox but only get 2GB. There's this blog's Picassa albums to upload my photos to, or maybe Flickr. I've heard of Sugarsync, Just Cloud, Bitcasa, Box, lots of places.

Does anyone use online storage websites? 

Have you used some and narrowed it down to the best one? 

Where do you store your private documents and photos in case your pc is stolen, blows up, or is burnt to death when your home burns down?

Let me know peeps, I need some space!

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  1. Wonderful post! I'm Dropbox user. Dropbox just deleted most of my files... not all, but it left just a few... I have no idea what happened. I can go back in and restore them, but it takes forever... it might be easier to go back to the computer I had them on, I don't trust just one place for all my files... I was right... I guess I can retrieve them from the lost basket, but it takes forever, and it seems completely ridiculous.. but what happened?
    Best Wishes-
    Olivia James


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