Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What has throwing yourself off a building or cliff got to do with losing weight? The Biggest Loser will tell you.

Every year on The Biggest Loser, they have the contestants jump off cliffs, bungee jump, abseil down massively tall buildings, throw themselves off something.

And every year I ask myself the same question.

What has this got to do with losing weight?

The same thing happened this week. The contestants were told they needed to abseil down a building and a young girl refused. Asking what will it do, will it make me lose weight? 

Unless they shit all their guts and fat out from terror, obviously not. 

She told her mother she could do it if she wanted to but she was going back down to the bottom the normal way. 

I still don't get what it has to do with losing weight UNLESS it has to do with the mental hurdle of I CAN lose weight.

So if they can throw themselves off a building or cliff they can say they "if I can do that then I can get off my fat arse and lose weight."

That is the ONLY reason to do it and even then I don't see the point so I still don't understand why they do it.

If you're scared of heights you don't throw yourself off a building and I really get sick and tired of the trainers reasoning every year, egging them on to do this shit when half the time they don't do it themselves.

The trainers really go to town with the guilt trips to get the contestants to do dangerous shit. It makes me want to punch them in the head and tell them to fuck off. And if anyone ever told me I had to throw myself off a building or cliff as it would somehow help me lose weight I WOULD be telling them to fuck off.

I am not about to put my life in danger just to lose weight and I don't care WHAT excuse a person would give me.

It's just like people who think scaling Mount Everest or tracking through the Kokoda Trail is going to prove something in their life. 

"Oh", they say, "I needed to change my life and give myself a kick up the bum so I scaled a mountain and nearly died."


Why put yourself in mortal danger just to prove something? Half the time you end up dead and half the time you come back with more issues than you left with.

Seriously people, you DO NOT need to throw yourself off a building or cliff just to prove something or lose weight BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!

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