Friday, April 26, 2013

Weird dreams are made of this.....

Do you ever wish you could look into your future to see what it's like?

Well I think in my dream the other night I looked into the past.

1950s/60s I think.

It was definitely some small town on the upper Queensland coast, and I definitely knew it was Queensland, and I definitely knew it was the 50s/60s.

I cared for an injured war vet (I don't even know if we were at war back then, and he was played by a certain hunky blond Aussie actor who's recently done Kellogs Just Right ads) but even though he seemed to get better, he was told he was dying. He wrote four letters, one to me, one to my grandfather (I have no idea why), and two others. Then poof, he disappeared.

I was told he was dead and refused to believe it, finding out I was pregnant to him and being made to move to the main city an hour away with my male cousin, (no idea who that was).

I had my baby and worked, saving what I could while my blonde, blue eyed son grew to the age of three. After his birthday I kept getting strange feelings that I should return to my home town. At first I didn't understand why, as I never wanted to return to the place I lost the love of my life, but the desire to return grew until I packed our bags and head south to the town once again in our old Dodge truck. (I'm not sure it was an actual Dodge but I just kept getting the feeling it was).

I arrived and went straight to the garage I had either worked in, or my family owned, and after getting out and walking my son into the main area I saw him. The man that I was told was dead, kissing a girl!!!!!

They didn't see me, see us, and I was in absolute shock at the sight of him. 

He stopped kissing her, and looking into her eyes told her he didn't have feelings for her and nothing was going to come of it. That's when he turned and saw me, saw us, and looked like he'd seen a ghost.

He came over and muttered and stumbled and touched my face as if he didn't believe I was there. He saw our son and knelt down while I told the girl (have no idea who she was) to leave and never interfere in our family again).

He and I talked, we had been lied to. I had been convinced he was dead and he had been told I had married and left with a son, never to return. He had recovered and spent two more years fighting in the war only to be back in town for a year, hence the deep feeling I kept having of needing to return to town.

We tracked down the "people" who had lied to us (mainly my family although I have no idea who they were) and I kicked the door in. I was wearing blue jeans and a blue check shirt (yep, I remember details in dreams) and we blasted them with our words before walking out and telling them to never come near us again.

As we walked back to the garage, with him carrying our son, we decided to go back to the city to get married as we never wanted to be apart again. It took and hour in, two hours to get everything done, and then an hour home, where we moved into the small house near the garage that he was living in. 

It was perfect. Perfect for us, our family, our future. We tucked our son in and then spent the night conceiving our new baby (need I tell you how?), it was our first time together in four years.

My dream jumped to us living there, our son running around in the back yard, me being pregnant with our second baby, him saying he wanted to buy his family a house to live in and suggested an old man's house about half hour out of town. I knew the place, and even though it was private it was remote, and with me being pregnant it was best to stay in town so I could get to the hospital if need be. 

So the end of the dream was us living in our new home on the Queensland coast.

Now there are times I really remember dreams. I dream in colour, remember what I'm wearing, remember who played what. This time, as mentioned, a hunky blond actor was my war vet/husband, and while I have no idea why he was in my R.E.M. sleep, it could have been coz I went to bed thinking of him.

Dreams are weird. We dream about shit that's happened in our life because it's our brain's way of sorting through shit that's happened to us.

So I have no idea why I dreamt about living in the 60s unless it was a past life. I have no idea why I dreamt about that Aussie actor unless it was because I went to bed thinking about him. I have no idea why any of it happened unless it was either about my past, or a clue to my future...........

A future with a hunky blonde Aussie actor perhaps..........


  1. Wow, that's a pretty vivid dream! Mine tend to involve intricate plans to rob places or complicated Agatha Christie style murder mysteries.


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