Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 TV WEEK Logie Awards are as boring as ever! And all the old hags need to exit via stage left!

The show started with radio duo Hamish and Andy. As much as I love Andy, the two of them just weren't funny.

Julia Morris, supposed comedian now tv show actress, is not only getting fat but she's an unfunny old hag who needs to go away or grow a brain.

Home and Away's Steve Peacock won silver for popular actor. Why?

Joel Madden won for Best New Talent. WHAT!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck off and go home, we shouldn't be giving away our logies!

Shane Bourne, you are not funny.

1 hour in and I'm bored out of my brain.

Lyne McGranger from Home and Away was dancing in her strapless gown and nearly had a wardrobe malfunction when she waved her arms in the air. She also has stretch marks on her boobs, something I do not want to see.

Aw, music guru Molly Meldrum in a spiffy looking suit. I want his hat!

The bloody The Voice won for best light entertainment. WHAT! Three of the judges didn't have the decency to show up and now Woman's Day magazine has a picture of Seal and Delta on the cover claiming "we're in love". It is probably nothing but a beat up as usual.

Hamish won best presenter. WHAT THE FUCK!

In Memoriam, I don't recall learning last year that Edith Bliss from Simon Townsend's Wonder World had died. Aw, I grew up watching that show and her.

Blech, Jennifer Hawkins. 

Sonia Kruger, tri-hard.

X Factor won, WHAT!

Asher Keddie won gold and it was ruined by bloody Bert Newton rambling on about himself, completely ruining her moment, especially when he mentioned how his "surgery" last year meant his sex life was better.


All it ever goes to show is how fucking boring this show is. It hasn't been funny in years, if not decades, although the last good logies was when my ex gorgeously gorgeous husband, Michael Weatherly appeared in 2007.

What it does show is that it needs a freshen up. Although since a German company bought the company that owns TV WEEK, this may be the last Logies we ever see. 

It also means I could not be bothered looking for photos. Just google 2013 logie awards and you'll see the pics.

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  1. I gave up watching the Logies a long time ago. I like second hand embarrassment as much as the next person, but that's just more than I can handle.


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