Friday, March 22, 2013

The Block All Stars aren't stars, the Gen Ys are nothing but Gen Whiners!

When all is said and done, karma is a bitch.

The Block All Stars ended on Wednesday night and after all the whining the Gen Whiners did, they lost.

All through the series Jenna couldn't remember whether she was there to win a style comp or a sell your house comp. Believing that because she was studying interior design she knew better, for all the shit she pulled, what it came down to was, she knew nothing.

And then of course Dan and Dani were just as bad, being Gen Whiners themselves. She bitched, he sniped, I wanted to beat the shit out of her and if it were interactive tv I would have. Why the hell he stays with her I have no idea, except for the fact he's just like her. She is such a moron.

And then there's the Boomers, Mark and Duncan. Mark was replaced by Dale as he was rushed off to hospital and supposedly had a heart attack. Yet when he came back to say hello he said the doctors couldn't find what had happened and no one knows. heart attack?

Then there's the Gen Xers. Phil and Amity who were in the first series back in 2003. They lost then and did their best this time, trying to see things with humour and not get involved in the Gen Whiners garbage.

Which served them well as when the Gen Whiners plotted and planned to bring down Phil and Amity, they schemed black and blue to the point where in one competition, the Whiners ganged up and gave their electricity to Josh and Jenna so Dan and Dani could use the least power and win the comp. They won, which gave them the power to take a point off the winners of the next room challenge. 

Well, they took it off Phil and Amity as they had tied with Josh and Jenna and so the Gen Whiners split the money and pissed everyone off.

Well, can you spell karma. It goes like this....


Josh and Jenna sold first and were in the lead, the boys came next but failed dismally to get a lot of profit. Dan and Dani came next and scored higher but then along came Phil and Amity and blew them all away, winning the comp and winning the extra $100,000 for getting the most profit, going home with a cool $395,000 for their own home.

Suck on that you whining Gen Whiners!

Karma's such a fucking bitch!

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